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Solve exercises

If you want to play against your friend, you must first log in.


Your mission in this game is to successfully come to the end before your friend does. On the way you have to solve various problems from financial literacy. your friend starts and then you are changing order one by one.

  1. Choose your friend.
  2. Your friend must approve your challenge. You wait till your friend starts.
  3. Your friend thorws the dice and moves forward on as many fields as it fell on the dice. She must solve problem from financial literacy. If she does not succeed, she returns back to former field.
  4. Then you throw the dice. On the board you move forward as many fields as fell on the dice.
  5. Now you have to solve one exercise. If you do not succeed you need to return back to former field.
  6. Now it is your friend's turn and she throws dice again.
  7. You change order, throw dice and solve exercise till one of you come as first to the end. Then game is over and winner is who enters the end as first.

We wish you good luck and try to come to the end before your friend.