Teachers and parrents

A CV is a document that contains basic information about you, your education, work experience and other skills.

Before sending your CV, it is good to let a few people read it, listen to their comments and, if necessary, revise it.

For international companies, a CV in a foreign language is often required, mostly in English. It is also important to have this CV checked and possibly corrected.

An e-mail is usually provided directly in the CV. It's important to know if your e-mail address is appropriate to contact your employer. If you have an address, eg amorousfawn@gmail.com, I recommend that you create a "smarter" address.

Fill in the CV according to the instructions and tips.

When filling in, always provide only true information that is verifiable.

The CV should be:

  1. catchy
  2. clear
  3. informative
  4. without typos and grammatical errors
  5. adjusted for a specific position
  6. sorted from the most up-to-date information to the oldest

Personal information



If you have any demonstrable experience, you can bring it here. For example completed practice, internships. We recommend that you list only those that are related to the focus of the job you are applying for. So if you're looking for a job as a programmer, your prospective employer probably won't care that you were on a brigade in a grocery store.


Write what language it is. Write down your level. It can be stated verbally, for example advanced, beginner or classification:

  • A1 - weaker passive knowledge of a foreign language,
  • A2 - passive knowledge of a foreign language,
  • B1 - knowledge of a foreign language at a communicative level,
  • B2 - knowledge of a foreign language at a good communicative level,
  • C1 - very good knowledge of a foreign language,
  • C2 - excellent knowledge of a foreign language.


  • Skills may include a driving license, its type is indicated, for example B1 (personal cars)
  • Digital skills - working with a computer. Specify the program and skill level here, for example MS Office - user level.
  • Various completed courses that can be used in job.
  • You can specify the level of communication skills where you can "pinpoint" any volunteer activity. For example, if you led a scout unit, you could write: Good organizational skills acquired while organizing scout camps and communication skills when communicating with scout parents.